Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Now that I have Troy in a good place, I can sit back and really see Troy for who he is.  His ADHD is a GIFT not a disability.  When I see the world through Troy’s eyes it really is a fascinating world.  Then again ADHD is something I am used to living with since in my humble opinion some of my family members have it as well.  I assume that if you too think about it, you will see that other people in your family may display some ADHD attributes.  When you get a chance, sit back and listen to how your ADHD child describes the world, I bet it will fascinate you.

Depending on what age your child is when you find out he has ADHD, mine was 7, but the earlier the better to start them on this diet.  But one of the most important things I did for Troy was to acknowledge that he is different and let him know that different is good.  I told him that he just saw things differently then other people and that made him unique and very special to me and his daddy.  I showed him a picture of a Picasso panting of a person and said “look at this painting, people love this painting and Picasso made a lot of people happy with it.  But does that look like a person?  No, but that is how he saw people in his own way.”  That usually made Troy laugh and say “that’s not what a person looks like!” as he giggled his way off to play.  But the point was made and he understands that it’s o.k. to be different.  I encourage him to see things the way he does because I feel that he is the way he is because there are bigger things for him, his way of thinking is what leads great minds to great things. 

So the next time you tell your friend or neighbor that your child has ADHD and you get that “I feel bad for you” or “awwww” let them understand that by no means will this slow your child down.  And for those of you with a child with ADHD they really never do slow down, hee hee.  But that this will be the catalyst that will make your child who they are meant to be and why they were put on this earth.  Don’t squash it, embrace it.  They will get through it with your help.  And hopefully this diet will allow them to unleash their full potential.  I have been told that it doesn’t work for every child, but I believe that if given enough time to work it will make a difference.


  1. Hi. Loved your post!! I don't know much about ADHD but my child is VERY active. He's 6 years old and seems to have a very hard time focusing. I'm not sure if that's just a typical 6 year old or if there may be more to it. Guess I may need to do some research.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Thank you! If you want to talk to me directly you can email me at flynn.gloria@gmail.com. I'm not a doctor or healthcare professional, but I do know a few things about ADHD :)

  2. that is a beautiful message u wrote on it being a gift and not a disability. U r a special mom.